Innocent Slain

It was a simple exchange. A small task in return for information. What’s that? You need a small problem removed? Challenged accepted.

Dimly lit streets were meandered. The destination getting closer and closer. A locked door did not keep the darkness out. Stairs creaked, betraying the uncertainty of some of the passengers.

Hesitation at the top of the stairs, silence fills the small house. Durzo continued to move with purpose, spotting a sleeping figure. The dagger in his hand fatally found a home buried in the chest of the sleeping figure. Shock filled the body, and Durzo’s companions. A last gasp filled the air, and shadows filled the house.

A staff was removed from its perch hanging above the bed. Soon after, a false panel opened and spilled its secrets. Notes scrawled seemed to point to Diane being part of the The Silver Hand.

Innocent Slain

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