An Unrequested Gift

Suffer the slings and arrows

Goblins skittered away in the darkness, dragging along a bound and hooded body. A smoking siege machine lay silently in the street. The flames nearly consumed the Thumb and Hammer as Durzo continued to chase lyrics and scribble stanza’s.

The rescue mission, led by the briskly walking Arahanna chased down the goblins and their captives. Arrows and bullets flew try, finding their mark time and again. The ripper had left it’s mark on the cobblestone streets and the rapier pierced some goblin flesh. The bolas however, flew true from the hands of Atherton, and found their mark around the legs of X.

Daggers flew from darkness, and dancing lights illuminated both the rooftops and a formely shadowy figure.

The captive barely conscious, gratefully accepted healing. Once his head was liberated from its bag, you could see the remnants of a circlet unceremoniously fused to his flesh.

Worgs and goblins littered the streets, but is the Thumb and Hammer still standing, and did Winston Tremalian get out in time?


Seanachai Seanachai

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