The Barrens

As you passed through the gates of the city, it left an indelible mark on the party. The color infused silk of the aristocrats mixed with the scent of the paupers. A shrill voice pierced the noise of the marketplace.

“Life. How do we measure it’s worth? Is it in time? Hours, minutes, seconds? Precious moments?”

The crowd murmured in moderately confused silence.

“NO!” The shrill voice rises again.

“We measure it in copper, silver and gold!” to the roar of the crowd.

“LIfe is priceless, but, a few strikes can be had for gold, who will strike this man” The man attached to the shrill voice points a disfigured finger towards a man covered in more chains than clothing.

Welcome to The Barrens.

The Barren’s are currently ablaze. After reuniting back at the Rusty Bucket tales were told of a dragon in chains a few coins acquired. The routine of the night was shattered with the smell of smoke and screams of the innocent. Well, in the Barrens, the innocent are few and far. So, mostly it was the smoke that gathered your attention.

A quick glance out of the window, noticed that goblins were pouring through the streets. Pillaging, burning and carrying the citizens into the darkness. Varada, Arahanna, X, and Atherton rushed out of the building to join the foray. Varda, noticed the plight of a small young girl, and rallied the group to her rescue.

The Barren’s is home to both Thumb and Hammer and Rusty Bucket.

The Barrens

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