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  • Naked Bard

    A small but boisterous inn located in Inori. The Bard I believe, ended up here without his pants. This is also where you met the gentleman who sent you on the dungeon crawl and encountered an old man and a deck of cards.

  • Thumb and Hammer

    The Thumb and Hammer located in the dregs of the [[The Barrens | The Barrens]]. Arahanna's trial was held here upon her unsuccessful escape. This is the only known haunt of Winston, rumored to be a formerly chained slave. It is in the back room of …

  • Rusty Bucket

    This fine establishment was your second stop after entering the Barrens. Your crew, plus your newly acquired slave, gathered both drinks and wits. This is also the departure point for the slave who inspired a very determined chase.

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