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  • Diana

    She works in the palace in [[The Barrens]]. While her exact title eludes you, she is the one who hired you to remove a spot of trouble.

  • Drudge

    Drudge, the typical meat head looms over most patrons in the [[ Beggar's Purse ]] No one is quite sure where Drudge came from, or his life before the Thumb and Hammer. But then, no one is exactly asking him out for coffee either.

  • Diane

    She summoned you to the palace with an offer. A small task in exchange for information. The taking of a life in order to shed light on the shadows of the Silver Hand. Her name was found on a scrap piece of paper in the home of the light snuffed out by the …

  • Winston Tremalian

    Never named, only numbered. 732. His number. Beyond the rags that covered his emaciated skin and the chains bound him, that number was all that he owned. Bought and sold. Bough and sold. 732 built. 732 took down. 732 harvested. 732 painted. 732 jumped …

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