Bellamin Darksbane

A former noble of the Palace. He could take on numerous shapes, shades and sizes. He was the silver hands reconnaissance. Until the incident.


Bellamin’s fall was quick and precarious. He had tread to frequently in the caverns of a magic user. Bellamins tongue was not able to extricate himself from his predicament. The ensuing battle left a relic fused to his flesh.

Bellamin had come upon a machiavelli circlet. Which not only gave him great skills of persuasion, but also the ability to change shape at will. Unfortunately, like the circlet, Bellamins ego was unending. As he stepped foot into the cavern, in an attempt to convince the mage to give the last of his precious gems for safe keeping, he was met with a thunderous bolt of lightening and the circlet became fused to his head.

Now, Bellamin seems stuck between shapes and sizes and on the run from the hand.


Bellamin Darksbane

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