An Unrequested Gift

Shot in the Dark

The party awoke the next morning (well at least some awoke then, others, perhaps closer to the afternoon)to the sounds of people milling about in the streets. The Bard, rising before the rest, and making his way to the library and finding himself at home amongst the stone shelves and tomes. Joined by Atherton, the two weaved their way throughout shelves, with the bard becoming perhaps more acquainted with the economic history of Ornea. After spending a few hours studying the dusty volumes, Durzo spots an older scholar seated at a desk tucked away in a corner. With his long, unkempt dark grey hair, and ink stained hands, seemed like someone who was more in tune with ancient history. After giving him a description of the note embedded with the balanced scales, he asked for a few minutes to explore the recesses of his mind. Upon Durzo’s return, a note remained on the desk of the elder scholar. It pointed him towards a nondescript title found in the home makers section. The note producing only a name Thyron. By the time Atherton and Durzo left the library, the streets had more than filled as people began to prepare for the festival of Aravan.

The keen eyes of Atherton noticed the deft hands of a staggering passerby brush against Durzo to regain his balance leaving a note pinned to his cloak in his wake. Atherton, quickly taking note of the stranger before turning to Durzo to discover what words were pressed on the scrap paper.

Meanwhile, Varda and X found there way to a forest outside the city to spend time with animals of a largely nonverbal nature.

Arahana, however, was spending time enjoying the crowd, relieving several unsuspecting passerby’s of their purses. Although, almost getting caught once, she was spared by her sharp wit and quick retreat. She also found her way to the local gambling corner where she managed to “win” some more coins.

Eventually, the party reunites at the thumb and hammer, Atherton and Durzo explain the note had summoned them to meet beyond the gates at midnight.

Finally the group left the gates of Ornea behind. Ensuring they arrived in time the left the town early. Along the road, just off to the left stood the remnants of a since abandoned well, rotting wood and crumbling mortar was all that remained. Someone had noticed a small duck sitting on top of the remnants.

After a not so subtle attempts to inflict harm on the duck, it narrowly escaped an arrow’s flight away.

Suddenly, an arrow pierces through the darkness finding its mark. Quick thinking by the team brought some illumination to the night as the crew struck the assailants (and on occasion, each other)finally reigning death on their attackers, much to the disappointment of Atherton.

Eventually, after separating the corpses from their valuables they each returned to the Beggar’s Purse to patch the wounded and get some needed rest.


Seanachai Seanachai

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